Enorossi High Capacity Easy Rake


Enorossi High Capacity Easy Rake

Hay Rakes

The Enorossi High Capacity Easy Rake is both easy to assemble and easy to use. Assembly time typically 1/2 that of other High Capacity Rakes.

Available Options 
RO180-32111 Kicker wheel attachment
Additional Information 

The Easy Rake has been designed with a series of innovations that are unique to the market that improves operator productivity. The two sides are independent from one another allowing the machine to operate with a single side. Simple swath adjustment is obtained by a system of easy to use bushings.

Heavy square tubing construction
205/70-15 tires standard
Heavy tubular frame with strategically placed bracing
Molded steel hubs with tapered roller bearings
Other Characteristics 

Single side raking capability comes standard

7.5 mm heavy spring steel teeth

Compact design

High quality powder-coat paint

Optional Double Kicker wheel available

Model# WheelsTeeth per WheelWheel DiameterTine DiameterWork WidthQty TiresWt. Lbs
ER10104060"7.5mm21' 5''42870
ER12124060"7.5mm24' 4"43046
ER14144060"7.5mm27' 4"63709
ER16164060"7.5mm31' 4"85180
ER 18SN184060"7.5mm34' 3"126945
ER 20SN204060"7.5mm37' 5"127385