KEMCO Bale Wrapper

KEMCO Bale Wrapper

Bale Wrappers

Eliminate the rush of baling hay for threat of an oncoming storm. Reduce the amount of waste at feeding time, improve your hay harvest efficiency and reduce loss in harvest and storage.

Available Options 
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*Additional costs apply if Self-Propel option is not factory installed. Self-Propel option not available on KBW-251 model.
*PLEASE NOTE: KEMCO model numbers have changed, but the units themselves remain the same. The new model number "355" replaces the old "260" and the new model number "370" replaces the old "262".
Additional Information 

Accomplish all this with the KEMCO Inline Bale Wrapper, the fastest wrapper on the market, which wraps up to 4 bales per minute. As fast as you put them up, they will be wrapped! All this while also increasing protein and nutrient content by up to 8%!.

Remote Steering & Remote Control (200 ft. range)
Wrap Round Bales and Big Square Bales
20 HP Honda engine with Electric Start
Dual Hydraulic Pump for Cooler Operation
Hydraulic brakes and steering
Fully automated remote start-stop operation
Provides continuous non-stop wrapping
Powder coated finish
LED lights for night wrapping
Units Come Standard with 4” Hydraulic Cylinders (2) on Tailgate
Other Characteristics 


Fastest Wrapper on the Market - Wraps Up to 4 Bales Per Minute!

One of the Heaviest Wrappers on the Market

Wraps Round Bales and Big Square Bales

3 plastic dispensers for better and faster coverage

Easy Cleanout of last bale - 2-3 minutes!

Increase protein content in hay by up to 8%

One person operation

Simple & easy to operate

More Standard Features than any other wrapper!

Model# of Plastic DispensersType of BalesWrapping WidthRemote SteeringEngineSelf-Propel DriveFilm SensorHyd. Tailgate LiftLED LightsWeight (lbs.)
Model 355
KEMCO 3553Round / Square6' 6" Round / 5' 6" SquareYes20 HPNoStdStd26290
KEMCO 355 PRO3Round / Square6' 6" Round / 5' 6" SquareYes20 HPSingle WheelStdStd26300
KEMCO 355 PRO 23Round / Square6' 6" Round / 5' 6" SquareYes20 HPDual WheelStdStd26320
Model 370
KEMCO 3704Round / Square6' 6" Round / 7' SquareYes20 HPNoStdStd26400
KEMCO 370 PRO4Round / Square6' 6" Round / 7' SquareYes20 HPSingle WheelStdStd26420
KEMCO 370 PRO 24Round / Square6' 6" Round / 7' SquareYes20 HPDual WheelStdStd26440
PDF icon KEMCO 252 Parts Manual16.39 MB