Enorossi Side-Mounted Disc Mower


Enorossi Side-Mounted Disc Mower

Hay Mowers

Available in 5 popular sizes, the Enorossi side-mounted Disc Mower is built strong to stand up to years of rough mowing conditions, giving you an excellent quality cut.

Additional Information 

The heavy duty A-frame with Category 1 & 2 three-point hitch and the strong compensation spring ensure stability and durability.

The V-Belt and Shear-Hub systems protect the cutter-bar in the case of obstacles. The break-away system provides additional protection to the cutter-bar by allowing it to pivot backwards when it encounters an obstruction. Simply back the tractor up and the break-away bar and mower will reset into the working

The cutter-bar is designed for quick and easy replacement of each of the individual cutting units, eliminating the need to take apart the entire cutter-bar for most repairs.

Models available: 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 disc configurations; 3-blade discs available on 4, 6 and 8 disc models.

Anti-wrapping support for heavy grass
Triangular discs available on 4-6-8 disc models.
Disc conveyor bolted on top of guard support to avoid wrapping problems.
Top service cutter bar.
Shear hub spindle
Heavy duty A frame.
Other Characteristics 

Easy changing hubs with 4-bolt disc cutting unit

Easily adjust belt tension without taking off outer cover

"Sneak-A-Peek" belt tension viewer for less down time

Compensation spring “break-away” system

Heavy Duty shield PTO shaft with overrunning clutch

Hydraulic cylinder lift mechanism

High blade tip speed for smooth, fast cutting efficiency

ModelNo. of DiscBlades per DiscWorking WidthLiftHPPTOWt. lbsWt. Ship Lbs
DM4425'5''Hydraulic35540 RPM925982
DM4 3C435'5''Hydraulic35540 RPM931986
DM5526'9''Hydraulic40540 RPM10151070
DM6628'Hydraulic50540 RPM11031158
DM6 3C638'Hydraulic50540 RPM11091164
DM7729'2''Hydraulic60540 RPM14131488
DM88210'5''Hydraulic70540 RPM15231698
DM8 3C8310'5''Hydraulic70540 RPM15321707