TRA Grapple Buckets

TRA Grapple Buckets


Heavy Duty Construction Grapple Bucket

Additional Information 

Heavy Duty Construction - 1/4” A-36 Steel
Available Sizes: 60”, 72”, 84” & 96”

Heavy Duty Construction - 1/4” A-36 Steel Cylinders have 2” bore & 10” stroke Heavy Duty Cylinder Covers 1 1/4” pins with counter sunk grease fittings and bushings Weld-On & Bolt-On Teeth Available Units Come Standard With Flat Faced Couplers & Hoses Standard Universal Skid Steer Mount Optional JD or Euro/Global Mounts Available Sizes: 60”, 72”, 84” & 96”
HDGB60Heavy Duty Grapple Bucket - 60"Universal Skid Steer862 lbs.
EGHDGB60Heavy Duty Grapple Bucket - 60"Euro/Global862 lbs.
JDHDGB60Heavy Duty Grapple Bucket - 60"John Deere862 lbs.
HDGB72Heavy Duty Grapple Bucket - 72"Universal Skid Steer994 lbs.
EGHDGB72Heavy Duty Grapple Bucket - 72"Euro/Global994 lbs.
JDHDGB72Heavy Duty Grapple Bucket - 72"John Deere994 lbs.
HDGB84Heavy Duty Grapple Bucket - 84"Universal Skid Steer1,113 lbs.
EGHDGB84Heavy Duty Grapple Bucket - 84"Euro/Global1,113 lbs.
JDHDGB84Heavy Duty Grapple Bucket - 84"John Deere1,113 lbs.
HDGB96Heavy Duty Grapple Bucket - 96"Universal Skid Steer1,399 lbs.
EGHDGB96Heavy Duty Grapple Bucket - 96"Euro/Global1,399 lbs.
JDHDGB96Heavy Duty Grapple Bucket - 96"John Deere1,399 lbs.