Tar River Implements Drum Mowers


Tar River Implements Drum Mowers

Drum Mowers

Tar River Implements is proud to introduce the new line of Drum Mowers. With very few moving parts, low maintenance and a heavy built frame, the Tar River Drum Mower is a great economic alternative to the Disc and Sicklebar Mowers while still giving a good cut.

Available Options 
BDR-A80 - Hydraulic Lift Kit for BDR-165/185
Available in 3 popular sizes
Other Characteristics 

Heavy Duty A-frame

Compensation Spring "Break-Away" System

4 V-Belts

Internal Overrunning Clutch

Model# of DrumsBlades Per DrumCategory HitchWorking WidthMin. Recommended WeightLiftMin HPPTOWeight
BDR-13522Cat. 14'5"2,100 lbs.Manual20540 RPM661 lbs.
BDR-16523Cat. 1 & 25'5"2,600 lbsManual28540 RPM794 lbs.
BDR-18523Cat. 1 & 26'1"3,900 lbs.Manual35540 RPM893 lbs.