Tar River Heavy Duty Multi-Speed Gearbox Rotary Tiller


Tar River Heavy Duty Multi-Speed Gearbox Rotary Tiller

Rotary Tiller

Built heavy for agricultural applications, the Tar River CXT Series Rotary Tiller is rated for tractors up to 130 HP and available in working widths of 76", 86", 95", 104", 112" and 121".

Additional Information 

The CXT tillers are designed with multispeed gearboxes to handle your ever changing conditions. The multispeed gearbox is designed for easy gear access to allow the rotor speed to be changed quickly as you move to different field conditions. A large thick walled rotor is sustained by water proof rotor supports for wet conditions. Decks are double layered to keep stone indentations to a minimum.

Gear Drive Transmission
6 Blades Per Flange
PTO with Slip Clutch
10" Tilling Depth
Other Characteristics 

Powder Coat Paint

Spiral Gears

Large Diameter Rotor

Solid A Frame

Waterproof Rotor Supports

ModelWorking WidthBlades per FlangeDriveHPPTO DrivelineWt. lbs.Shipping Wt lbs.
CXT-07676"6Gear50-130Series 8 S/C1,3891,489
CXT-08686"6Gear60-130Series 8 S/C1,6361,736
CXT-09595"6Gear70-130Series 8 S/C1,7621,862
CXT-104104"6Gear75-130Series 8 S/C1,8761,976
CXT-112112"6Gear80-130Series 8 S/C2,0812,181
CXT-121121"6Gear85-130Series 8 S/C2,1152,215