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Tar River Crop Seeders

Crop Seeders

The DRL-072 and DRL-048 come with double opening discs for seed grass, corn, beans, oats and more!

Additional Information 

Tar River Implements offers an economical solution to your seeding needs. The seeder comes equipped with two stainless steel boxes with closeable sides for each row. Apply fertilizer to each row while planting. The DRL is designed to be used as a secondary tillage tool. Ground conditions need to be worked up or tilled prior to use.

DRL-072 Discs for prepared conditions
Crank style seed adjuster
Cage Roller
Stainless Steel Fertilizer and Seed Hopper
ModelDescriptionHitch# Seed Cups# Fertilizer CupsWeight
DRL-04848" Crop Seeder for tiller soil conditionsCategory 177568 lbs.
DRL-07268" Crop Seeder for tilled soil conditionsCategory 1 & 21010625 lbs.
PDF icon Brochure3.38 MB
PDF icon DRL Crop Seeder Manual7.35 MB