Tar River Compact Rotary Tiller


Tar River Compact Rotary Tiller

Rotary Tiller

Built to fit the needs of the compact tractor market, the Tar River TXG Series Rotary Tiller by Belco Resources Equipment will work great tilling up your small garden plots.

Available Options 
KT4017 Blade Kit - TXG Series (10 Blades left&right, 40 each - bolts, nuts & washers)
KT4020 Friction Disc Kit - TXG Series (4 Disc)
Additional Information 

It comes standard with a "gear-to-gear" drive system, 6 blades per flange and Slip-Clutch PTO protection. Available in 41", 48" and 59" working widths, the Tar River TXG Series Rotary Tiller is perfect for all your small-tractor tilling needs.

Gear Drive Transmission
6 Blades Per Flange
PTO with Slip Clutch
Powder Coat Paint
Solid A Frame
6" Tilling Depth
ModelWorking WidthBlades per FlangeDriveHPPTO DrivelineWt. lbs.Shipping Wt lbs.
TXG-04041"6Gear15 - 30Series 4 S/C337392
TXG-05048"6Gear15 - 30Series 4 S/C374434
TXG-06059"6Gear18 - 30Series 4 S/C412477