Enorossi Maximus Rake


Enorossi Maximus Rake

Maximus Rake

The MAXIMUS Rake has been designed to match the customer’s high demands. It is available in 2 sizes; 12 and 14 wheel configurations.
(Photos shown with Optional Windguards)

Available Options 
MAX-001 Kicker wheel attachment
Additional Information 

Both versions feature independent rake wheel arms using a unique double rod spring system to maintain constant pressure of the raking wheels to the ground. The heavy duty frame and wide tire spacing give great stability in heavy conditions.

Independent rake wheel arms to follow all ground contours
Perfect for heavy hay
Easy windrow width adjustment
Heavy built and low maintenance
Optional 2 front/1 rear Kicker Wheel available Optional Windguards Available
Other Characteristics 

60” raking wheels with 7.5 mm tines

Heavy built and low maintenance

Tandem tires standard

Heavy tubular frame with strategically placed bracing

Molded steel hubs with tapered roller bearings

Model# WheelsTeeth per WheelWheel Dia.Max Work Width.Teeth DiameterWt. Lbs
M12124060"24'7.5mm3064 Lbs.
M14144060"27'7.5mm3306 Lbs.
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