Enorossi Inline Side-Delivery Wheel Rake


Enorossi Inline Side-Delivery Wheel Rake

Hay Rakes

Enorossi’s Inline Side Delivery Rakes are fitted with 3 large 15” tires to ensure maximum stability during raking, transport and storage.

Available Options 
INR-001 Rear steering wheel attachment (INR-007 & INR-009)
Additional Information 

The two pivoting tires are supplied with anti-skid clutches for transport safety. Spring-loaded fingerwheels ensure maximum ground contact and gentle raking conditions. Tapered roller bearings keep the wheels running smoothly and easily with minimum maintenance. Easily adjustable raking widths.

HYDRAULIC LIFT OF THE RAKING WHEELS: This system allows moving quickly and easily from working position to transport position directly from the tractor’s seat.
LATERAL FRAME TILTING: The mechanical selector on the rear wheel allows to adjust the lateral frame tilting and therefore also the working width.
ADJUSTMENT OF THE RAKING WHEELS PRESSURE ON THE GROUND: The mechanical device allows to simultaneously adjust all the raking wheels pressure on the ground.
Other Characteristics 

3 each 205/70-15 tires standard on both models to ensure stability

Pivoting tires standard with ‘anti-skid’ clutch for transport safety

7 mm heavy spring steel teeth

Wheels are hydraulically lifted and lowered from tractor seat

Working angle and transport position adjustable from tractor

Molded steel hubs with tapered roller bearings

Rear steering wheel available as option

Heavy bracing throughout rake cart to ensure a long life

Model# WheelsTeeth per WheelWorking WidthNo. of WheelsTransport WidthTransport LengthTeeth SizeWeight
INR-00774014 ft.38 ft.25 ft.0.27 inches1444 lbs.
INR-00994018 ft.38 ft31 ft.0.27 inches1623 lbs.