Enorossi High Capacity Y-Rake


Enorossi High Capacity Y-Rake

High Capacity Y-Rake

The Y-Rake is designed to meet the needs of today's producers. The Y configuration offers a clean and gentle raking over the whole working width.

Available Options 
RTY-001 Rubber Tine Rake Wheel
R0180-32659 Wind Guard For Rake Wheels
This new system is designed to optimize the raking capacity on heavy forage conditions. Standard 60" Biggy Wheels with 7.5mm tines, 2 Shock-Absorbing wheels. New articulated frame allows the rake to adapt to the most varied working conditions. All forage is gathered in only one soft windrow.
Other Characteristics 

Heavy Square Frame Made of Heavy Duty Steel

Hydraulic Opening & Closing

Automatic Transport Locking System

Model# Wheels on Rt Side# Wheels on Lft SideWheel DiameterTine DiameterWork Width Qty TiresTransport WidthWeight