Enorossi Carted Wheel Rake


Enorossi Carted Wheel Rake

Hay Rakes

The Enorossi Carted Wheel Rake, with its 15" tires and heavy 7mm teeth gives you the ability to cruise at high ground spends with less worries about teeth breakage.

Additional Information 

Double action hydraulic is standard with its unique double shaft cylinder, foregoing the need for costly add-ons. Tapered roller bearings keep the wheels running smoothly and easily with minimum maintenance. Frame construction is thick walled square tubing to give years of reliable service

The safety mechanical locking and the wide radius of the wheels ensure maximum stability during transport.
The mechanical device allows to simultaneously adjusting all the raking wheels pressure on the ground. This simplifies the proper operation during windrow preparation even on uneven grounds.
The shifting wheels allow adjusting the wheelbase in order to adapt the rake to the different working conditions. They can also help the user during daily work, especially on uneven grounds.
Other Characteristics 

Hydraulic Device for Moving from Working Position to Transport Position

Wheel Hub Lubrication

Arm with Double Wheel

Ground Adaptation of the Wheels

A working width from 17 to 24 ft.

ModelNo. of WheelsNo. of TeethWheel SizeWorking WidthTransporting WidthTyresNo. of TyresHPWeight
CADDY 88404.6 ft17.7 ft8.2 ft205/70.152301324 lbs
CADDY 1010404.6 ft21 ft8.2 ft205/70.152301470 lbs
CADDY 1212404.6 ft24.2 ft8.2 ft205/70.152301624 lbs