TRA Stump Buckets
Heavy duty stump bucket Angled toward the front to keep the dirt from “sticking” inside the bucket Extra Bracing on the Back and Sides of the Bucket 3 Large Pin-On Teeth (Side Pin) 28" Wide across the Back 14" Wide across the Front 33.5" Deep 3/4" x 6" Cutting EdgeStandard Universal Skid Steer Mount Optional JD or Euro/Global Mounts
Serious Duty Stump Bucket Built from 4" x 4" x 1/4" Square Tubing 1/2" High Quality Steel on Sides, Bottom & Back 5 ft. 7 inches Deep 14" Wide across front 20" Wide across back 3 large replaceable cast teeth Serrated sides to help break loose roots and other debris 1" x 8" cutting edge Standard Universal Skid Steer Mount Optional JD or Euro/Global Mounts
SB100Heavy Duty Stump BucketUniversal Skid Steer310 lbs.
EGSB100Heavy Duty Stump BucketEuro/Global310 lbs.
JDSB100Heavy Duty Stump BucketJohn Deere310 lbs.
SB200Serious Duty Stump BucketUniversal Skid Steer625 lbs.
EGSB200Serious Duty Stump BucketEuro/Global625 lbs.
JDSB200Serious Duty Stump BucketJohn Deere625 lbs.
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