Tar River Flail Mower


Tar River Flail Mower

Flail Mowers

Tar River Implements now offers a number of choices when it comes to flail mowers.

Additional Information 

A 3 point version that is offset manually in a 71” foot working width, a 97” hydraulically offset 3 point model, and finally available in 60” and 67” sizes, the RB Series. The RB is a robust Ditch Bank mower designed with heavy hammers and heavy frame to handle tough conditions.

Standard Hammer Blades
4 1/2” Diameter Flail Shaft
9/16" Flail Shaft Wall Thickness
3/8" Side Panel Thickness
3/16" Top Body Thickness
Powder Coat Paint
Category 1 Hitch
ModelWorking WidthOffset / Cutting AngleHPWeight
Offset Flail Mower
FLM-18071"Fixed Offset30-60 HP922 lbs.
FLM-220H87"16" Hydraulic Offset30-60 HP1060 lbs.
Ditch Bank Flail Mower
RB-16060"90°Up & 56°Down70 Min HP1610 lbs.
RB-18067"90°Up & 56°Down85 Min HP1940 lbs.
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